Hi and welcome to Wild West, I swear Dave was born with a chainsaw in his hands, he has been working with wood for most of his life, and I am not far behind him. Having already collected a lot of different species over many years, Our yard is in the Perth hills surrounded by orchards, the smell of the pruned woods being burnt off was wonderful and have been working with these wonderful woods ever since. We work with farmer as they rotate the trees every 10 to 15 years getting the best of the fruiting years then putting in new trees, we save them a lot of money by clearing for minimal expenses and we utilize the wood which was burnt in the past, so every one is happy. Our products can be found in the following stores.

Mondo Meats Inglewood

WA Exclusive Meats Charlisle

Ryans Quality Meats Jandacot & Bunbury

All Boats & Caravans Kingsley

Melville Meats Melville

Chop Shop Bunbury

IGA Butler

IGA Two Rocks

And some great restaurants will announce soon