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Chicken Rub 150g

Chicken Rub 150g


Balancing zesty sumac notes with kaffir lime flavours, this is the ultimate white-meat rub. Perfect for seasoning your grilled chicken or delicate duck, it also goes great with beef, pork, and especially fish.


Fragrant, flavoursome, fantastic. 

This BBQ dry rub is ideal for quickly and easily seasoning your meats and veggies – saving you all that time it takes to buy, wash, chop and prepare all those other herbs and spices. Just keep the flavour in your pantry and whip it out whenever you need to take your tastebuds to flavour-town



Generously sprinkle and massage this rub into your BBQ-ready meat and place it in the fridge before BBQing for the fullest flavour absorption.


Why choose Smokey Q's?

  • Vegan Friendly
  • No MSG
  • Gluten Free
  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • 100% Australian Owned & Made
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